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Hunting 9-2018 by shekeira Hunting 9-2018 :iconshekeira:shekeira 3 0 Hunting 8-2018 by shekeira Hunting 8-2018 :iconshekeira:shekeira 3 0 Fishing 13-2018 by shekeira Fishing 13-2018 :iconshekeira:shekeira 1 0 Fishing 12-2018 by shekeira Fishing 12-2018 :iconshekeira:shekeira 3 0 I'll make a Valentine out of you by shekeira I'll make a Valentine out of you :iconshekeira:shekeira 3 0 Grand Adventure - Prologue by shekeira Grand Adventure - Prologue :iconshekeira:shekeira 5 0 Fishing 11-2018 by shekeira Fishing 11-2018 :iconshekeira:shekeira 1 0 K077 ECr Qebehsenuef by shekeira K077 ECr Qebehsenuef :iconshekeira:shekeira 1 0
Exploring 4-2018
    The temple ruins lay perched on a high hill overlooking a sparkling blue-green sea. Grey marble columns that at one time had been highly polished now lay cracked and weathered by time and the elements. Evidence of a long-ago earthquake could be seen in the varied terrain all around the temple, perhaps the reason for it being abandoned. Much of the temple now lay buried under grass and earth, its columns wrapped in ivy. The high arches with its intricate carvings of old gods were now home to birds of all species.
    “No,” Revas breathed when he spotted the temple. The sable dun tundra male shook his head and took a step back. “I can’t go up there.”
    His companions for the evening paused on their way up the broken steps. “Why not?” asked Hjortur, a light tundra-colored male with a clay-red mane. He glanced up at the temple ruins. “Is there something up there?”
:iconshekeira:shekeira 2 2
Hunting 7-2018
    The large grey Dire moved silently through the arboreal forest, ears pricked, eyes shifting constantly. Giant heartwood trees, their bark bluish grey with a core of dark red, grew in abundance here. Each tree had at least three to four large branches that curved out and up, before splitting into numerous smaller limbs. Greyish leaves filled the trees, their shape a cross between maple and oak. Light filtered down through the canopy, piercing the leaves and highlighting their thin white veins.
    A hawk cried out somewhere above. Fluffikins—yes, that was her name—paused and glanced up. The red-tail fluffed her feathers, blinking great, round yellow eyes at the large Tokota. Fluffikins snorted softly and gave the hawk a brief nod. The bird loosed another cry and launched herself off the heartwood branch, its tan and white wings with their dark bars beating close to her head.
    Fluffikins smiled to herse
:iconshekeira:shekeira 1 0
Hunting 6-2018
    Fluffikins took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh sea air. Curling her paws over the edge of the cliff, the large grey Dire stared down at the mass of seals that milled about on the beach below. Tiny seagulls flitted about, rising on the breezes blowing off the sea to their nests on the cliffs. It was all quite peaceful and serene—except she was hungry. Fluffikins’ stomach chose at that moment to rumble—loudly. Nose flushing with embarrassment, the big Dire glanced around to see if anyone had heard it.
    Thankfully, there was not a soul in sight. Not even the seals seemed to react. This was good, all things considered.
    Unfortunately for her stomach, she couldn’t go down to the beach just yet. The local tribe only let three Tokotas hunt at a time, and they all had to be present before they were let loose. One of the conditions of this particular hunt was that the Tokotas also had to b
:iconshekeira:shekeira 2 0
Lief - Rite of Strength
    It ended as it had begun—on a beach.
    Liefsyn slunk along the high rock wall that separated the smooth white beach from the cliffs and the woods beyond. Occasionally, she lifted her head to peer over the lichen-covered, sea-rounded boulders, only to quickly duck down again. Good; they hadn’t moved. Taking a deep breath to center herself and calm her nerves, she walked on down the wall.
    The very first prey Lief had taken down when she began her Arms of Akna rites was a seal on this very strip. That had been several years ago. The seals had moved on, but another, larger prey had taken their place. She had always meant to finish her rites, but life got in the way—as it was wont to do. In the beginning, she was the only Tokota on the ranch and had to find her place in the complicated jumble of horses and canines. Then Hjortur and Abel came along, and suddenly, Lief found herself in a position of leader
:iconshekeira:shekeira 1 0
J399 Foal Design by shekeira J399 Foal Design :iconshekeira:shekeira 5 0
Exploring 3-2018
    “How much longer is this going to take?”
    Abel raised a brow ridge and glanced over his shoulder at the red-brown male who trailed behind. “Well,” he said, taking a deep breath, “we have to climb all the way to the top, then climb back down a ways until we reach the cave. So,” and he rolled his eyes up to the sky, “I’d say another half an hour until we get there.”
    Conquest narrowed his blue eyes. “Another half an hour!” he exclaimed incredulously.
    “Hey, getting to old dragon caves isn’t a walk in the park, my friend,” Abel chastised him gently. “They choose sites like this for a reason.”
    Conquest glanced around them. They were perched on the jagged side of a cliff overlooking a broad, rolling river. Dark green scrub brushes dotted the landscape, which was strewn with sharp,
:iconshekeira:shekeira 2 2
Fishing 10-2018
The day dawned clear and bright. Paisley trotted through the long meadow grass with a gleam in her eye and a spring in her step. What a wonderful day to be out and about! The grass was a perfect shade of apple green; the meadow flowers were in full bloom. Oh, she could spend the whole morning exploring every corner of this lovely place! But she had an appointment to keep—as much as she’d like to check out what that patch of wildflowers smelled like.
Oh, Liefsyn wouldn’t mind if she were a few minutes late, would she?
Paisley made a quick U-turn and stuffed her muzzle in the very center of a cluster of wildflowers. She inhaled deeply, luxuriating in that fresh, clean scent. Oh, they were gorgeous!
A polite cough broke Paisley’s reverie. Lifting her muzzle from the patch of wildflowers, Paisley turned towards the source of the sound. Grey with a dark grey-brown mane, Liefsyn stood a few paces away, a grin playing across her muzzle.
“You’ve got some pet
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Fishing 9-2018
Grand Fishing Tournament Today!
Paisley stared up at the gently flapping banner with unchecked enthusiasm. Handlers and their Tokotas had come from all corners of Tokotna—and some across countries—to attend the festivities. Turning away from the banner, Paisley headed for the exhibitors’ aisle. She had some time to kill before her class was called, and she wanted to take as much time as possible looking at everything the humans had to offer.
There were stalls devoted to tackle, baskets, fishing rods and reels; small stalls selling all sorts of bait, from earthworms to artificial lures. But what excited Paisley the most were the artists. She drifted from one booth to the next, in a sort of daze, admiring the colorful paintings: Oil on wood, watercolor on parchment, acrylic on canvas. There were even master woodcarvers, who displayed everything from life-sized pieces to small, totem-like carvings.
The items for sale weren’t just restricted to fishing, howev
:iconshekeira:shekeira 0 1
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I'm not the world's best artist, but I do like to try. :)

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Design foals, win a slot: FlmFlm, nGlb

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 11, 2018, 4:42 PM

Foal 1: A5642
Geno: ee Ata nR nD nTb LpLp
Color: Red dun roan tobiano snowflake appaloosa with brindle


Geno: ee Ata nCh nZ nR nD nLp
Color: Gold champagne dun roan spotted blanket appaloosa (silver carrier)

A49 ECr Osiris x 1030 Group Horse Import
First gen foal

Foal 2: A5643
Geno: Ee aa nSty nD nTb nGlb
Color: Sooty grullo tobiano Snowglobe


Geno: Ee aa nSty nCr nD nTb nGlb
Color: Sooty smoky grullo tobiano Snowglobe

A49 ECr Osiris x A244 Nordanner Import
First gen non-dom Snowglobe
Rules for Snowglobe mutation may be found on the dam's import image.

Foal 3: A5644
Geno: Ee Aa nP nCr nO nLp FlmFlm
Color: Buckskin pangare spotted blanket appaloosa overo Flametouched


Geno: Ee Aa nP nR nD nO FlmFlm
Color: Bay dun roan pangare overo Flametouched with brindle

Nordanner Group Horse Import A238 x A237 ECr Heket
First gen dominant Flametouched
Rules for Flametouched may be found on the sire's import image.

  • I will be offering a slot to the foal(s) once they are registered. ^^ If that's not your cup of tea, you are welcome to a slot from any horse here: All About Eagle Creek. (Ossie IS available! Tureis, Osiris and Heket are not.) I am also willing to offer TT, or activities images, if you have Tokotas . If that's still not your thing, we can work something out. :) (Smile)
  • You may breed a Dominant if you so desire. I do not require a slot to the foal! :la:
  • I'm only interested in the first geno for Foal 1.
  • You may try for either geno for Foal 2. Snowglobe design must be easy to replicate traditionally, so simple things like a snowy cabin, a snowman, a snowy mountain vista, etc.
  • I'm only interested in the first geno for Foal 3. No gradients. Any flame pattern and colors you can think of!
  • You can enter as many times as you'd like, with as many variations as you'd like.
  • All designs should be easy to replicate with traditional means.
  • I reserve the right to not pick a design, but that's highly unlikely. Winner must be okay with me resubmitting -- with proper credit -- the foal design for registration. (And if the foal admin asks for anything to be fixed, be willing to make changes.)
  • Due date: March 11, 2018.

Nord foal entry by bopsie   Red Dun Tobiano by Qahnaarins   Red Dun Roan Tobiano Snowflake Brindle by Allicorn   Red Dun 2 by Allicorn

Globe by Allicorn

Flametouched by Qahnaarins

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Just a geek girl who loves her Phoenixes, fantasy novels, the MCU, Star Wars, horses, knitting, cooking, and gardening.

Harpg 09 by Hymnsie

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(20/25) Bell Ornament by Kryptic-NordDivision
Favarikund Grand Adventure
Checkmark by toast-horse :bulletgreen: Prologue
:bulletgreen: Chapter One Main Quest
:bulletgreen: Chapter One Side Quest

Lief's Rite of Dominance

1. Mini19 - Exploring

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Other stuff

Little Gift by ponyglxy

Horses I have slots to
:bulletblue: A192 Celestino (Flametouched starter stallion)
:bulletpink: A5161 Volcarona -- Heket's daughter
:bulletblue: 9942 LOR Bello Rosso x :bulletpink: 5880 Cassandra's Curse
:bulletblue: 7496 Toretto: breeding pic needed x :bulletpink: 6906 The Snow Queen: breeding pic | sign rules
:bulletblue: 8695 Hero of Flowers
:bulletpink: A2367 BVBL A Perfect Lie 2nd slot
:bulletblue: A2548 Visious Winters: dom white stallion; show mare to stallion owner
:bulletblue: 4510 A Not So Green Green Monstah
:bulletpink: A3201 VK Serenade Av Blomster Ossie's daughter
:bulletpink: A4199 EM's Belletrist -- Xebalrai's daughter
:bulletblue: Remuda's Blood Stained Oath A3870 -- Ossie's son
:bulletpink: A5086 Gloome -- Glimmer
:bulletpink: A3217 AS Echidna The Mother Of Monsters -- Moulinfowl
:bulletpink: A1217 FMEC Devil May Care -- Peafowl 2017 xmas raffle win

Boucle Stuff
Genderswap Boucle praline ...…

Tokota Stuff
Proof of Lief's Average to Dominant HP…
x3 Bandages…


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