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SV-RPG Ch 5.2: Finale
In the end, Mac persuaded the gryphons that they simply couldn’t take all that treasure home. Even when the clan leader offered several saddle bags made in the same manner as Bran’s satchel, Mac politely and diplomatically declined. The gryphoness didn’t seem offended, for which Mac was grateful. Still, they were going home with more than enough treasure which would undoubtedly sustain the farm for several years.
They were really, really rich.
The hard part was saying good-bye to Bran. Although he was only a week old, the little hybrid had grown so much in their short time together. And all three of them had grown inordinately fond of him, too. Since there was no way to determine if he had been a gryphon kit warped by shadow magic, or an entirely new being, a suitable foster family had been found. In order for Bran to be comfortable in his new surroundings, Mac and Kan stayed the night in the gryphons’ aerie—an exercise in flight neither would care
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SV-RPG Ch 5.1: Rewards
The feast was held in a grand cavern that had been carved out of one of the massive spires. As guests of honor, Mac, Ossie and Kanorlan were seated with the clan leader and her family along a wide dais. Perched on a plush cushion that was clearly made by human hands, Mac could see the whole clan gathered in the bowl below. Dozens of gryphons milled about, each decked out in a fortune’s worth of gold, silver, and gemstones. Platters of spiced meats, bowls of savory stews, and other succulent dishes circulated among the diners, carried with relative ease by apron-wearing gryphons. Cool drinks in crystal bowls were refilled the instant they were half-full. And surprises of surprises, they even produced a set of ivory-handled eating utensils for Mac.
Sweet gods, she thought in wonder. The wealth of this place! Are they sitting atop the world’s largest mine?
In one corner, Ossie munched her meal of sweet grasses, oats, and grain out of a silver-embossed trough. Nex
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SV-RPG Chapter Five: The Gryphon Mountains
Mac groaned in her sleep and rolled over, throwing an arm over her eyes. Her dreams danced and swirled, a kaleidoscope of images from their adventure. Wolves and gryphons flitted in and out of sight; rocks fell and splattered into a great, bottomless pool.
“Mac. You need to get up.”
A cold, wet nose shoved itself under Mac’s jaw, shocking her awake. Jerking upright, Mac swung her head around. “Wha-wha?” she spluttered, trying to see in the gloom of the cave. The fact that one of her eyes was still shut didn’t help.
Kanorlan backed away and wagged his thick blue-black and white tail. Across the way, Ossie pawed the banked fire to life. Embers popped and glowed, eagerly grabbing onto the old wood the mare had found at the back of the cave. Curled up tight on his satchel, Bran still slept, the claws of his right foreleg stuffed into his beaked mouth.
“There’s something you need to see.”
Without waiting for her, the f
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SV-RPG Ch 4.2: Cave, sweet cave
How much excitement could the human heart take before it exploded? Mac swallowed hard and took a deep breath—one of many on this trip. Slowly, carefully, she swung her leg over the rounded saddle horn and lowered herself to the ground.
Ossie stood with her head hanging low between her forelegs, thin, red lines of blood marring her pale coat. A large splotch of red could be seen on her right flank, just where Mac had felt the big rock hit. Blood oozed sluggishly from the cut—a good sign.
Passing a hand over her forehead, Mac called out to Kanorlan. “Kan? Are you all right?”
Rock dust puffed up and around the fenwolf as he snorted forcefully. “I think so.”
Mac sighed with relief, and then asked, “And Bran?”
Kanorlan twisted his head around and nudged the lump at the bottom of the satchel. The lump stirred and Bran’s head slowly emerged from the depths of the bag, ears pinned tight to the sides of his head. “Mrrp?” he calle
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SV-RPG Ch 4.1: And we began to rock
Ossie stood patiently as Mac finished walking around the big Nordanner mare, tugging here and there on the leather straps. Idly rolling the bit between her teeth, Ossie turned her heavy head to look over the rocky ledge. The boulder field spread beneath them; beyond that, the meadowland. And further west, the forest. Blowing softly through her nostrils, Ossie rolled an eye behind her, to the south—and home. While not given much to homesickness, the dunalino mare would be only too happy to be back in familiar territory. She considered herself rather unperturbed by any situation, but this surprise adventure was rankling her in ways she hadn’t expected. Dragons were fairly predictable, if you were well-versed in the various breeds and their intelligence levels. But gryphons were a different matter. You couldn’t base the nature of a whole breed off of one interaction with a hybrid. If that was the case, Ossie could expect all gryphons to be easily enamored of fire and bee
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SV-RPG Chapter Four: Tremor on the Mountain
Just as quickly as it had sprung upon them, the swift summer storm abated … then disappeared all together. The sun once again shone bright and merry in the clear blue sky, setting the meadow to shimmering brilliance as the heat evaporated the rain off the green and gold blades. Mac and her party emerged from their boulder shelter, hooding their eyes against the sudden brightness.
Ossie hung her head over Mac’s shoulder, nostrils fluttering. “I guess that it was just a regular squall.” She heaved a sigh that mirrored Mac’s own.
Mac reached up and idly stroked the dunalino mare’s broad muzzle. “Thank the gods,” she murmured, brushing the sweat that started to bead upon her brow. If it rains, it pours, she thought with a wry twist of her lips. Either it was too hot, or they were practically drowning.
A quick glance at the sun told her that they had a few more hours left before they had to bed down for the night. Small blessings for lo
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SV-RPG Ch 3.3: And the thunder rolls
Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance, accompanied by the subtle greying of the sky. The skin between Mac’s shoulder blades twitched and she twisted in the saddle, looking for any sign that they were being followed. Someone was targeting them because of the kit. Until they safely delivered Bran to the Gryphon Mountains, she wouldn’t stop looking over their collective shoulder. Such constant vigilance wasn’t something Mac was accustomed to. Already, a headache was forming between her eyes, a dull pulsing pain that had her reaching for one of the saddle bags.
Ossie flicked an ear back as Mac fumbled around with the jostled contents until her fingers closed on the familiar smooth, oval vial. Popping the cork, she took a small sip and immediately replaced the container. Normally, Mac was loathe to use analgesics unless absolutely necessary, but she couldn’t afford to allow even the smallest of headaches to impede her concentration.
“Storm’s coming,
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Them dry bones by shekeira Them dry bones :iconshekeira:shekeira 3 0 It's always the quiet ones by shekeira It's always the quiet ones :iconshekeira:shekeira 2 0 See what a wrong step gets you by shekeira See what a wrong step gets you :iconshekeira:shekeira 5 0
SV-RPG Ch 3.2: Where did he go?
Despite protestations from both Mac and Ossie, Kanorlan got to his feet—albeit slowly. Silently thanking the gods for Mac’s propensity to be overly cautious, Kan wandered over to where the corpses of the wolves lay in their blood and gore. He knew that they weren’t real wolves any more than he was. No, they were more like little Bran—constructed of magic. He’d seen it in the eyes of the alpha male—that strange, silver glow that grew brighter the more Kan pressed his advantages of height, weight, and strength.
There was no question that these wolves had been sent to kill them. But why? They weren’t carrying anything of inherent value—just potions, rations, a sewing kit, kitchen tools, bedrolls, hunting gear … and talismans that had been the sole reason for their traveling here. Was it the talismans?
Kan glanced over his shoulder to where Mac had dumped Ossie’s tack. The red-headed woman was currently rubbing the huge mar
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A5445 Foal Design by shekeira A5445 Foal Design :iconshekeira:shekeira 2 0
SV-RPG Ch 3.1: A friend like no other
“I don’t know.” Mac glanced across the water to the torn grass. Four limp lupine bodies lay sprawled where Ossie had trampled them to death, broken jaws hanging loose, limbs splayed in unnatural ways. Their red blood seeped into the ground, a dread offering to the gods.
Touching Kan’s head gently, Mac said, “Come on, let’s get out of the water.”
Both fenwolf and Nordanner eased out of the slow-moving river as if they had aged a hundred years in the brief moment of battle. In his satchel, Bran snored on, blissfully unaware. They moved over to a small copse of trees, where Mac gently lowered Bran’s satchel to the ground. She left the flap slightly closed—just enough to shade his eyes from the sun. In the cool shadows of the surrounding trees, Mac stripped Ossie of her tack and set everything to the side, checking the mare thoroughly as she did so. Unlike Kanorlan, Ossie was relatively unscathed. She had several bite marks along her le
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SV-RPG Chapter 3: Attack on the Road
At first, the change of terrain was subtle—a few more boulders scattered along side the path. Then, as the hours ticked by, the path widened; the close border of trees gradually receded like a man’s hairline. The great mountains, which had loomed in the distance like a toy model, now hovered like a perching dragon—striking grey and brown rock dotted with tall fir trees, speckled lichen, and oddly enough, goats. Once or twice, Mac caught a winged figure swirling on a thermal and she caught her breath, waiting for it to swoop down on them. But an attack never came—the gryphon (or so she thought) simply wheeled away in the opposite direction, down into a cleft between two sharp peaks.
How did you parlay with gryphons? Were they even intelligent enough to carry on conversations? Some dragon breeds were as smart—or smarter than humans. Those ones never bothered the farm or the surrounding villages and towns. It was the dumb ones, the primitive ones, you had to
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Halloween Hoe-down by shekeira Halloween Hoe-down :iconshekeira:shekeira 4 2 Collection Quest 12 by shekeira Collection Quest 12 :iconshekeira:shekeira 4 2
A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I'm not the world's best artist, but I do like to try. :)

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Special Birthday Art for Slots (Boucle Edition)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 14, 2017, 12:00 PM

In honor of my approaching 35th birthday, I'm holding a special sale! From NOW until October 17 (the day AFTER my birthday), you will have the chance to get slots to some of my horses for the low, low price of 5 (five) MP.

So that means one full-body with background image: training or show piece, OR literature.

A few things to note: art or literature must be completed within TWO WEEKS of requesting the slot. I don't usually put time limits on such things, but this is a brief sale. If you need more time, please let me know. I may be getting older, but I'm not completely crotchety yet. ^^

All art or literature may be of any of the horses listed here. You don't have to draw the Boucle you want a slot from. I will not be requiring a breeding picture or slot to the foal (I have far too many as it is.)

Art or literature must be of quality, and/or comparable to your gallery. In other words, no half-assing it. :) (Smile)

Any questions, please let me know.

Slots for Sale

1st Gen Stallion
2 slots

3 slots

Starter Stallion
2/4 slots
kalmanen Oct 28

3/4 slots

Modern Lemonade
3 slots

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