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Exploring 31-2018
    When the golden sands of time ceased spinning and faded into the ground, Lakka opened her eyes—and immediately shook her head. Yellow granules flew off the bridge of her nose and sank into the smooth grey cobblestone beneath her feet.
    “Well, this is instantly better than the last trip,” brown piebald Abel commented dryly. Next to him, his grey pack nephew Brynjar nodded silently as he took in their new surroundings with wonder-filled eyes.
    Lakka was inclined to agree. Prior to this trip, they had been dropped off at the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, which was a complete let-down—even for her. While the 150-foot structure was impressive, the stairs leading up to the main tomb had been blocked off. Therefore, there wasn’t much for the three Tokotas to do except walk around the outer ring and stare at statues. That wasn’t to say the statues weren’t impressive—the great car
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Exploring 30-2018
    “Great. Another temple.”
    Lakka, a greying sable tawny female Tokota, shot a censorious look at her traveling companion. The brown piebald mature male called Abel winked at her and shook out his heavy white mane. Golden sand flew in all directions, remnants of their time travel.
    “But it’s different, Uncle,” Brynjar pointed out with all the innocence of youth. The young greying male was Abel’s pack nephew.
    “So it is, my boy,” Abel agreed instantly. “But I just don’t see how these things can be classified as ‘wonders’.”
    “A lot of scholars would disagree with you,” Lakka pointed out, pausing to flick some sand off of her tail.
    Abel grunted softly and shrugged.
    Ahead of the three Tokotas rose a grand temple surrounded by towering statues
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Exploring 29-2018
    At the top of a gently-sloping hill rested a massive temple. Shaped like a great rectangle with a peaked red-slate roof, great stone beasts looked down on the mortals from above. A series of two dozen stairs ringed the temple, leading up to more than a hundred carved pillars. Fantastic friezes depicted gods and goddesses, hunts and celebrations. A line of supplicants formed at the front of the temple, their offerings carried in hand, by servants, or in carts pulled by small horses or goats.
    Not one of these ancient worshipers noticed the three Tokotas who paced up the steps. Whether by design of the amulets that they wore, or through some divine intervention, they were completely invisible. Although the marble under their feet felt real and solid, if they tried to touch a human, their paws simply slid through them like water.
    So—who was the real ghost?
    Lakka tried not to think about th
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Exploring 28-2018
    Lakka opened her eyes blearily and peered around the room. A fire blazed cheerfully in one corner, surrounded by a red brick hearth. A large black kettle hung over the fire; some sort of stew or soup bubbled over the flames.
    Where am …?
    Getting to her feet, Lakka nearly tripped over the large brown piebald bulk of her traveling companion, Abel. Next to him, stretched out on a soft rug, was his pack nephew, Brynjar. Both were sleeping peacefully.
    “You should go back to sleep.”
    Lakka spun around, hackles raised. Seated in a corner of the cozy room was a young woman in a carved rocking chair. An orange tabby with a white throat, bib and white-tipped paws sat in her lap. The cat fixed golden eyes on the greying sable tawny female Tokota, pulled his lips back from a set of needle-sharp fangs, and hissed.
    “Easy, boy, ea
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Exploring 27-2018
    Deep in the past, beyond the ken of modern folk, three Tokotas walked behind a giant winged man-bull. The humans who saw them merely bowed to the lamassu, their eyes sliding past the great wolf-bears.
    “Can they see us?” asked Lakka, a greying sable tawny female.
    “No,” Agum, their lamassu guide, replied. “My brothers, sisters and I are shielding your presence from the people.”
    Lakka’s ears folded down a fraction. She would have loved to speak with each and every one of these ancient people. “May I ask why?”
    Agum paused, spreading his white-speckled black wings slightly. The lamassu was as tall as a full-grown male Tokota; his body was that of a great black bull, with a human head that was much larger than normal. Dark black hair fell in ringlets from atop his head; a short, but artfully-curled black beard graced his
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Exploring 26-2018
    When the swirling golden sands died down, the three Tokotas found themselves in a very different time and place. The vortex had deposited them on a terrace of white marble, overlooking a vast inland lake that sparkled a clear blue in the high sun. Potted plants, curling vines, and fragrant flowers dripped from rounded marble vessels and boxes. A gentle breeze blew the flower’s perfume across the water, something all three Tokotas were grateful for. Fat bees buzzed languidly from one open bloom to the next, their hums a soothing song.
    Shaking her head to clear it, Lakka was the first to step forward. Putting her forepaws on a nearby bench, she raised herself up and gazed out over the water. There were two buildings opposite the terrace, both constructed of the same flawless white marble. The one to the left was a great rounded tower that strove to pierce the fluffy clouds. It was made up of two dozen or more levels, each concentric r
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Exploring 25-2018
    A flat-bottom barge laden with canvas-wrapped bundles made its way across the mighty Nile River. If other travelers on the river noticed that there were three huge furred creatures lying amongst the cargo, they may have mistook them for exotic pelts. As it stood, the barge crossed the Nile without a fuss.
    Lakka lay between Abel and Brynjar. While the other two kept their heads flat on the barge and eyes closed throughout the crossing, Lakka rested her head on her paws and observed everything through careful squinting. She listened to their soft singing, translated magically through the amulet she and the others wore. Knowing very little of ancient Egyptian culture, she filed it all away so that she could tell people what she’d seen.
    The barge docked on the other side of the Nile with a slight bump. The captain, a thin, weathered man with a tea-colored complexion and black hair tied neatly in a queue, approach
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Exploring 24-2018
    The roar of the whirlwind died down, leaving Lakka sprawled out in a pile of red-gold sand. Slowly, the greying sable tawny female Tokota lifted her head, blinking dark blue eyes furiously. The landscape shifted in her field of view, heat rising off the red-gold sand in waves. In the distance, three tall stone objects rose above clusters of palm trees, their waxy forest green fronds swaying gently in the breeze.
    “Where …?” Lakka licked her chops, tasting sand. Carefully, she pushed herself into a sitting position; the amulet strung around her neck twisted as she moved. Oh. Lifting a paw, Lakka touched the amulet, watching as the high sun gleamed off the tarnished gold setting and faceted ruby in its center. Grinning, Lakka lifted her head to the sun, letting the ancient breeze play through her short half-mane. It worked!
    “I swear on all that is holy, I’m going to strangle that w
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Exploring 23-2018
    Orange-yellow light flickered across ancient frescos, revealing scenes of harvests, dances and worship. Cobwebs stretched across the hall, thick and white; heavy with fat, scuttling spiders. When the flames from the torch touched these, the reaction was instant—with a whoosh and a mild roar, the webs and their venom-dripping occupants went up in a blaze of heat.
    “Oh, shit,” breathed Roy, a greying brown male, as the three Tokotas in the chamber hit the floor. The fire flashed throughout the hall, illuminating the whole way for a brief, but welcomed, moment. In some spots, where the cobwebs were the thickest, the fire continued to burn, revealing a series of sconces lining the wall.
    “Well, that’s a real help,” Abel noted cheerfully, picking the torch up and repositioning it in his mouth. He stood up and batted a burning spider carcass out of the way. The flaming arachnid spun into
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A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I'm not the world's best artist, but I do like to try. :)



LF: Art - Offering: Trait Tokens, SPW, etc

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2018, 5:24 PM

Last month, my sister unexpectedly had to put down her cat after a very brief illness. I'd like to commission a simple piece of art of him for her.

I have x5 Trait Tokens, x2 SPW, x1 Stone of Aippaq, x1 Inukshuk Talisman that I am willing to trade. I am not looking for anything spectacular -- just a fullbody with simple background. No halos or wings or rainbow bridges. Now, I don't plan on trading ALL of these items for a piece; I know generally how much they are worth in USD. If you would like them all, the art will have to be of comparable value.

Art may be either traditional or digital, cartoony or semi-realistic.

If interested, please post examples and what you are willing to accept in trade. If I decide to go with someone, I will provide them with reference images of my sister's cat. I will tell you in advance that he was a very large boy, who may or may not have been of Russian Blue ancestry. (So silvery blue-grey, no markings. :))

Full disclosure: the Trait Tokens and one SPW are in the bank queue waiting to be added.

Thank you in advance. :)

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